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I was born and raised in Washington State where I attended Capital High School in Olympia, and the University of Washington in Seattle. I was also a member of the University of Washington’s softball team from ’98-2001. As a wife to a retired Navy Air Crewman, mother of two boys, state committeewoman for the ICRP, and invested Oak Harbor citizen, I will bring leadership, transparency and accountability to this position. I believe children are gifts and their impact on the future is powerful. I believe our schools must provide a solid grounding in fundamental skills (reading, writing, arithmetic), and preparation for the real world. I’ll promote and advocate for families first in education.

I support local decisions and transparency about curriculum.  I will work hard to ensure local control of schools, high standards for our staff and students, and accountability of your tax dollars!  I will fight against state and federal mandates that take away your voice in our schools!  Every child has unlimited potential, but only when they are given the right tools and support.  I just love Oak Harbor and the life I share with my family and friends here. I promise to listen to you and represent your children the way they deserve.